This Winter’s Night

This Winter's Night

It all started with a team building event for staff in September 2021 hosted by CANCER UNITED. One year on, the staff have formed a choir, conducted by the fabulous Andre Da Silva.

Singing lowers stress and releases the “feel good” hormones that we all love.

It is our pleasure to bring to you a beautiful song written by Emily Barden and conducted by Andre Da Silva.

Huge thanks to:

Emily Barden (Words and Music)
Sing Up (Commissioned by)
Andre Da Silva (Choir Conductor)
Jon Da Silva (Audio Mixing and Mastering)
Cancer United (Producer)

Cancer United have very kindly produced our video and we would be delighted to support their charity. If you have a few pennies spare, maybe you would consider donating to this great cause.


Cancer affects 1 in 2 in the UK. Cancer United aim to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of those with cancer and their diagnosis onwards. If you or you know anyone affected by Cancer, please do take a look at their website.

From us all at South Downs Leisure, we thank you for supporting us and we hope you enjoy our song,
This Winter’s Night.

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