From Sustainability to Fitness!

Do you enjoy a Podcast?  If so, welcome to South Downs Leisure section on our brand new podcasts.  

We are very excited to bring to the table a whole selection of interesting podcasts presented by interesting people.


We sat down with Duncan (CEO of South Downs Leisure) & Simon (Founder of Swim Trek) to talk about all thing Sea Lanes, from the Vison to the collaboration between South Downs Leisure, SwimTrek and Sea Lanes to the Sustainability of the pool.

MenoPOD #4

Join Jo & Helen to talk about all thing to do with the Menopause, from the symptoms, experience & the support you can access at South Downs Leisure and beyond. Watch our MenoFit programme on our App now, a hybrid programme designed to help Women going through the Menopause get back in to fitness.


Special thanks to Corrine Samaras (HR Exec from South Downs Leisure, Emma Castledine (Head of Clinical Services) from Worthing Counselling Centre and Paul Wilkinson (Voice and Participation Practitioner) from West Sussex County Council.


Special thanks to Jo Clarke, Ed Wain and host Hannah Goacher.


Special thanks to Dr Amanda Turner, Iain Haggart and host Duncan Anderson.

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