Please familiarise yourself with our gym equipment before using our gyms.

Our Fitness Advisors are available at Worthing Leisure Centre, Splashpoint Leisure Centre, Southwick Leisure Centre and Lancing Manor Leisure Centre to help you get the most out of your workout.

Inspace Fitness equipment induction 

A number of our gym’s are kitted out with state of the art Inspace Fitness equipment including: Southwick Leisure Centre, Worthing Leisure Centre & Splashpoint Leisure Centre. Here’s Graeme & Ed taking you through how to use a range of Inspace equipment in the Southwick Leisure Centre gym.

House Rules


Air Bike

Assisted Chin Dip

Tricep Dips

Core Exercises

The Cage (Southwick Leisure Centre)

Free Weights

Kettlebell Swing

Slam Balls

Un Motorised Treadmill


General Inductions / Pulse Fitness Equipment Inductions

Find inductions for equipment found in all of our gyms, Pulse Fitness equipment can be found in the Davison Leisure Centre Gym. 

House Rules

Chest Press

Cross Trainer

Free Weights

Leg Extensions

Pec Dec

Recumbent Bicycle

Rowing Machine

Seated Lat Pulldown

Seated Leg Curl

Seated Leg Press