On 6 April 2017, new regulations came into force requiring organisations with 250 or more employees to publish annual reports containing detailed information regarding the Gender Pay Gap (including bonus pay) between men and women across their workforce.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2020/21

Upper Quartile 31% 69%
Upper Middle 37% 63%
Lower Middle 30% 70%
Lower Quartile 50% 50%
  2020/21 2019/20
Mean Gender Pay gap using hourly rate -10.30% -11.50%
Median Gender Pay Gap using hourly Rate -2.70% -3%
  • Upper Quartile – is high because it is predominately made up of female Group Exercise Coaches.
  • Upper Middle Quartile and Lower Middle Quartile as expected because females predominately gravitate towards the part time roles e.g. reception, creche, café and leisure assistants.
  • Lower Quartile – This is made up of the Leisure Assistants, Lifeguards, Holiday Programme Assistants which are graded bottom of scale 1 or National Minimum Wage.

In summary as an organisation we are proud to report that there isn’t a huge discrepancy between male and female pay.