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One-to-one Training

Whether your aim is to lose weight, improve tone and definition, or train for a sporting event; our personal trainers will enable you to reach your goal, stay motivated and see results fast.

Staying motivated and following your exercise programme is not always easy. If you are busy, stressed and don’t have time to exercise as often as you wish; our personal trainers are here to help. They will motivate and encourage you to reach your goals faster, by making your workout programme fun and easy to follow.

Our personal training packages are designed to fit the type of workout that you need:

Shape Up and Slim Down

Reduce body fat through an exercise programme created specifically for you. This package will help you to lose weight and boost your fitness level. Our personal trainers can also help you with nutrition plans, so you can achieve your target weight faster.

Build Muscular Size and Strength

This package is designed to help you sculpt your physique and build muscle. By increasing strength and reducing your body fat, you’ll also increase your self esteem.

Tone and Definition

Tone up specific areas of the body by working on muscle tone and definition. Your specific programme will help you reach your desired look, and our personal trainers will make sure you are having fun while exercising.

Train For An Event

Run 5k, 10k or a marathon, or train for triathlon. Whether you run to keep fit, or want to achieve peak fitness for competition running, our personal trainers can help you reach your goal and make that event!

Prices For Personal Training Sessions

SIngle Session for FIT4 and non-members
Course of 6 Sessions for FIT4 members
Course of 6 Sessions Non-member
Course of 12 Sessions for FIT4 members
Course of 12 Sessions for non-members
Course of 20 Sessions for FIT4 members
Course of 20 Sessions non-members
Arthur Bill Personal Trainer


I have worked in the Fitness industry for over 10 years, acquiring a broad set of skills, ranging from mass gain training to creating weight loss plans.

I have also served in The British Army where I learnt about dedication and motivation.

I previously worked at GNC, here I developed a professional interest in sports nutrition, enabling me to understand how I can enhance people’s fitness through nutrition.

I understand specific types of training, enabling me to tailor my client’s programs to ensure the best results.

I have previously competed in body transformation competitions, so I understand the competition side of weight training and weight lifting, I have carried this knowledge through into my personal training.

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Courtney Piercy Personal Trainer


I understand the difficulties people face when changing their lifestyles in order to achieve their goals, whether it is overcoming challenges such as training around injuries or finding new ways of training to get the upmost benefit.

There are no ‘quick fixes’ to losing weight, you can’t lose 1 stone in 4 weeks. My goal as a personal trainer is to challenge you in each session, give you advice and keep you motivated throughout your journey.

I am very passionate about fitness and nutrition, therefore along with advice, I will also be a support system.

I love 1-2-1 sessions with clients, building a rapport, providing online plans and advice and seeing their gradual changes.

My main focus is you, and achieving the transformation you want.

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Jake Binns Personal Trainer


I am a qualified level 3 Personal Trainer with a passion to motivate clients in achieving specific goals, both physical and nutrition based.

I come from a very sport-based background and played/competed in a variety of different sports at a high-level,including: athletics, gymnastics, football and American football. This means I have experience with many different training approaches that I can apply to personal training sessions.
I specialise in strength, weight loss, specific sport performance training and developing physique, including competition preparation.

Outside of personal training, I continue to work hard in the gym setting myself goals in preparation for my own physique-based competitions.

My main goal is to make sure I help you achieve your own specific goals and targets whatever they may be. Nothing’s impossible when it comes to your body, it just takes a little time, effort and focus.

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Esther Fair - Personal Trainer


I am a driven and motivated level 3 qualified Personal Trainer and Exercise Referral Instructor; dedicated to fitness and reaching client goals. I can help you with building muscle, losing weight, nutritional guidance, general fitness and running event training.

Having dramatically changed my own life when I fell in love with exercise over 10 years ago, I have first hand experience of the challenges faced as a beginner, the struggles of losing weight, as well as coming back from pregnancy and injuries.

I am continually developing my skills to bring better long-term results and am always looking to try new things to keep exercise fun and varied. With my GP referral qualification, I can work with you if you have medical conditions or injuries to help improve physical and mental health through exercise.

I love to work with anyone with a goal and a willingness to work towards it..

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