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Gym and Class Session Etiquette

Embarking on a fitness journey at the gym or attending a class session is an empowering step towards a healthier lifestyle. However, to ensure a smooth and respectful experience for everyone, adhering to proper gym and class session etiquette is crucial. From booking your sessions to maintaining a considerate environment, this guide outlines essential rules and tips for a positive gym experience. 

 Booking and Attendance: 

   – Always ensure to book your gym or class sessions in advance. 

   – Upon arrival, promptly scan in to register your attendance. 

   – Arrive on time to prevent class entry issues and maintain the flow of the session. 

 Safety First: 

  – Refrain from climbing over or under access control barriers for the safety of yourself and others. 


Machine Use and Cleanliness: 

   – Limit machine use during peak hours to accommodate other gym-goers. 

   – Maintain hygiene by using provided cleaning products to wipe down equipment after users. 

Appropriate Attire: 

 – Wear clean, suitable sports attire and supportive footwear that respects the gym environment. 

Fitness Trackers

Equipment and Storage: 

– Return all equipment to their designated storage areas after use. 

– Utilise lockers for personal items; padlocks are available for purchase at the reception. 

– We do not assume responsibility for lost or damaged belongings.


Health and Hydration: 

– Carry a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated, and avoid drinking directly from water fountains for hygiene reasons.

Consideration and Filming: 

   – Show consideration for fellow gym-goers when filming your workout. 

   – Avoid using bags, making phone calls, or charging personal electronics on the gym/studio floor. 

 – Maintain a reasonable volume when using personal electronics within the gym or studio. 

Youth Engagement: 

– Juniors must complete an induction before using the gym. 

– Adhere to the specified junior gym hours: Mon-Fri 06:30-17:30, Sat-Sun all day. 


 Additional Policies: 

– Smoking, vaping, eating, and the use of alcohol or drugs are strictly prohibited within our facilities. 

– Personal training is to be conducted by authorised staff only. 


Adhering to proper gym and class session etiquette is essential for creating a respectful and inclusive environment within the fitness community. By following these guidelines and showing consideration for others, we can ensure a harmonious fitness experience for everyone. Let’s strive to make our gyms and class sessions enjoyable, safe, and beneficial for all. 

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