Online booking

In order to use the online booking system you must agree to the Terms and Conditions below and tick the box shown on login. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions for any reason, please return to the Main Menu. This will abandon your booking and release any booking you have made.

The Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

The website does not allow you to choose a specific court or courts. When you attend the Centre you must report to reception where your court number will be confirmed.

Centre Members are required to pay at the time of booking for all Courts. Subsequent cancellation – the booking may be transferred to another date (if the new date is within the 7 day book ahead period).  No refunds are given.

For FIT4 members where no payment is required: Cancellation of Courts must be at least 24 hours prior to the booking otherwise the full member rate will be charged.

All Holiday Programme and Course bookings are non-refundable or transferable.

Cancellation of the Crèche must be at least 2 hours prior to each session.  No refunds are given.

For non-members, all pre-paid bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable

The price for activities vary depending on the time, activity and the membership within each booking. Concessions may apply, so please contact the Centre for details.

Centre Memberships (Full and Concessionary) are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

An additional fee will be added to the standard hire charge should floodlighting be required for the court.

We reserve the right to refuse admission. If admission is refused, no refund will be available.

Juniors: Junior memberships may only be used by persons aged under
16 yrs of age. We reserve the right to request identification to confirm that the person using the booking is under 16 yrs of age and if this is not produced, the adult charge will be made.

Payment methods: For online payments we accept either credit or debit card payments except for American Express or Diners cards. There is no administration fee per transaction on bookings.

No Show Charge             

A charge made for failing to cancel an individual activity or booked session at least two hours before the start time and not attending the activity. (Separate charges may be applied to group bookings and bookings made for bespoke activities. Please see the specific terms and conditions that relate to those sessions.)

Activity and Session Bookings

All activities must be booked in advance, via the South Downs Leisure App or Online booking system.

The following BOOKING CANCELLATION TERMS apply to all bookings:

To cancel a booking we recommend that you go online via our website or the South Downs Leisure App and cancel your booking there. If you are unable to cancel online, you may alternatively cancel your booking in person or by calling one of our Centres.

The ‘No Show’ or ‘Late Cancellation’ Charge is chargeable where a session is not cancelled at least 120 minutes before the session start time. Each instance of a No Show  or Late Cancellation will be charged at £3.00, but is subject to annual review.

Any Late Cancellation and No Show Charges will be noted on your online booking account record and your ability to use our facilities or make further bookings online will be blocked until these charges are paid in full.

Charges can only be queried in writing by emailing our team via:

A refund will not be given to non-members.

Any bookings that are paid for in advance are not transferable or refundable.

Liability: Our liability is limited in all circumstances to the price per booking paid by you.

Wheelchair Access: If you have any specific requirements please contact the Centre. Further information regarding the Disability Discrimination Act is available.

Marketing: South Downs Leisure will not use personal information collected through this website for direct marketing purposes without your permission. Further information regarding the Data Protection Act is available.

Online swimming booking terms:

Online bookings for swimming sessions will be required to pay at time of booking. 

Check the pool timetables before making your booking

  • Swimming sessions last 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • Customers arriving more than 15 minutes after their time slot may lose their space for that session.
  • Sessions must be cancelled either online or via the telephone on 01903 905050 option 2 if you are unable to attend the reserved session.
  • All bookings are non-transferable and non refundable.

FIT4 Membership Terms and Conditions

  1. Where the member has not attained the age of 18 years, this agreement will be entered into by the member’s parent or guardian who will agree to comply to the terms of this agreement on behalf of the member. The term member used hereinafter shall include that parent or guardian.
  2. This agreement commences once you have indicated your acceptance in the declaration section of the sign-up process.
  3. On payment of the membership fee each member will be issued with an individual, non-transferable, membership swipe card, for use at the FIT4 facility to enable entry into the facility and is proof of membership. Any use other than by the member may result in the cancellation of membership. Entry may be refused without a valid Membership card. FIT4 will charge a reasonable replacement fee for lost or stolen cards.
  4. A one-off fixed joining fee will apply in addition to the membership fee whether or not the membership fee is paid either by direct debit or by upfront payment in full.
  5. Where members have elected to pay by Direct Debit, we will attempt to collect your Direct Debit instalments on the agreed date(s) – please be aware that Direct Debits for under 18’s must be set up by an adult. If the first attempt at collecting an instalment is not successful for any reason a £15 administration fee will be payable;, we will make one further attempt to collect it over the following fourteen days and if still unsuccessful one further £15 administration fee will be added; for any payment queries please contact as soon as possible to avoid charges.
  6. Where full membership fee is paid without the benefit of a concessionary, corporate, family or junior rate, the membership fee will be a “price for life” and will not increase. Where a concessionary, corporate, family or junior fee for membership is paid and the fee is paid by direct debit, the fee will increase on 1st January each year at the discretion of South Downs Leisure. Where the payment is made annually, the increase fee will be on the anniversary of the payment date.
  7. Concessionary members are required to show proof of eligibility at point of joining and thereafter if requested. If proof of eligibility is not received within 30 days, the membership rate will increase to the Price for Life rate, any underpayments will be collected with the following instalment.
  8. Corporate members are required to show proof of eligibility at point of joining and thereafter if requested; we may undertake checks with employers to verify employment status. If proof of eligibility is not received within 30 days, the membership rate will increase to the Price for Life rate, any underpayments will be collected with the following instalment.
  9. If you amend your membership to a different membership category you may be liable to an increase in fees.
  10. Membership may only be frozen upon medical recommendation, inclusive of pregnancy; membership will be put on hold from date of receipt of supporting documentation only. Memberships may be frozen for up to 1 year, memberships will be automatically cancelled once this time period is exceeded.
  11. Family memberships are available for families of 3-7 members with a maximum of 2 adults.
  12. Junior members, including those joining on a family membership must be aged between 0-17 years inclusive. Upon reaching 18 years of age junior members will automatically transfer to an individual adult membership and may be liable to an increase in fees.
  13. Use of the fitness suites will only be available to junior members aged 13 years and over on completion of an induction and within specified junior gym times.
  14. A member who makes a booking must be taking part in the activity.
  15. A member will only be able to book on to sports courses if space allows. Restrictions and waiting lists on courses may apply; if the course is full the member may have the option to be placed on a waiting list.
  16. A member may not book onto more than one course of any particular sport.
  17. If you fail to attend pre-booked activities you may be charged the full casual fee for the activity in question.
  18. We reserve the right to remove persistent non-attendees from sports courses.
  19. We reserve the right to suspend advance booking privileges and impose a financial penalty if the activity cancellation procedure is not adhered to.
  20. The FIT4 staff may require a member to leave the premises or may terminate the membership in writing and without notice if, in the management’s absolute discretion, a member is causing nuisance or annoyance to FIT4 staff or to members of the public. Where a membership is terminated under this clause, fees paid in advance will not be refunded. FIT4 requires members to act courteously at all times to both public and staff. FIT4 has a zero tolerance to all forms of discrimination and bullying.
  21. Where a member has misrepresented information, or knowingly supplied false information to FIT4, to gain membership which might have been refused had the misrepresentation or the false information not been given, FIT4 may terminate the membership at their discretion.
  22. FIT4 excludes all liability for loss or damage to members’ property or possessions howsoever caused, whether in negligence or not, in so far as it is reasonable to exclude such liability. All property is stored on any premises at the members’ risk. FIT4 make no attempt to limit or exclude liability for death or personal injury of its members which arises from negligence or the deliberate act or omission of its staff in relation to the facilities and their use.
  23. FIT4 regularly maintains and checks the equipment in each facility to ensure it is fully operational. If however, any item of equipment fails, or the FIT4 facility closes for any reason, FIT4 will not compensate members for loss of use of that facility during the closed period.
  24. Membership data will be used for the purpose of membership administration and compliance with any statutory duty of the facility; please see our privacy statement for full details of how we use your data.
  25. FIT4 Cancellation Policy
    Upon receipt of cancellation request 1 further payment is required, membership will continue for 1 further calendar month:
    a) Where members have elected to pay by Direct Debit, cancellations should be made in writing via e-mailonline or via an in-house cancellation form.
    b) For members who have paid the upfront membership fee in full, the membership will run from date of joining and no refund will be given mid-term for fees paid in advance.
    c) In case of dispute you must show that you cancelled the agreement in accordance with the cancellation terms, but for these purposes it will be sufficient to show that you sent your communication concerning your exercise of the right to cancel before the cancellation period had expired.
    d) Cooling off period; this contract commences once you have indicated your acceptance in the declaration section of the sign-up process. You have 14 full days after signup to cancel this contract for any reason. To exercise this right, you must inform us of this by e-mail, online or via an in-house cancellation form, stating that you are cancelling under the 14 day cooling off period. If you exercise this right to cancel, we will reimburse you all joining and subscription fee payments received from you using the same means of payment you used for the initial transaction. If you have used the service before requesting to cancel, then we will reduce your subscription fee refund by a pro-rata amount equal to the number of days from signup to the date cancellation was requested.


General Conditions of Hire


a) The “hirer” making the application for the hire of any South Downs Leisure (SDL) facility, or any part thereof shall be deemed to be the hirer for the purpose of these conditions and reference to the hirer throughout shall be construed
b) “Facility Manager” means the Manager or any person acting on the behalf of SDL.
c) “Booking” means the purpose for which the accommodation is hired.

Application for the hire of SDL facilities must be made in writing on the appropriate application form. The Facility Manager reserves the right to refuse any application without stating a reason for doing so. The Facility Manager also reserves the right to cancel any hire in the event of it appearing that the hirer intends to use the premises for any purpose other than specified on the application for hire. The booking will not be deemed confirmed until after the applicant has been notified in writing by the Facility Manager to that effect (where applicable) and any necessary deposit paid.

The charges for hiring shall be in accordance with SDLs scale of charges and subject to annual review. The hirer shall pay to SDL, if so required, the whole
of the hiring fee when the application is accepted or when requested to do so by the Facility Manager.

The hirer shall not sub-let the facility without written agreement.

Cancellation details are as follows:
Over 14 days: 100% refund of the hire fee 7-14 days: 50% refund of the hire fee
Under 7 days: No refund unless space is fully re-let.

a) The hirer shall be responsible for and pay SDL on demand the amount of any damage done or occasioned to SDL or to the fixtures, fittings, apparatus, equipment, furniture or other contents thereof in the use of the premises by the hirer.
b) The hirer shall indemnify SDL against all claims, demands, actions or proceedings in respect of the death or injury to any persons or damage or
loss of property belonging to any person arising out of the use of SDL facilities; provided that subject to sub-clause c) hereof, the hirer shall not be liable for any death, injury, damage or loss caused by the act, neglect or default of any
servant of SDL. A minimum of £5m public liability insurance will be required for events open to and inviting the attendance of members of the general
c) SDL will not make good or accept responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of, or to, any goods or property of the hirer or of any person left deposited or put into SDL premises or left, deposited with any officer or servant of SDL. The
hirer shall indemnify SDL and their officers against all actions, claims, damages and demands arising out of, or in any way connected with, any such loss, theft or damage.
d) SDL are not responsible for any loss of hirers’ income if the building has to close.

The hirer shall at all times be responsible for the maintenance of good order and ensure that no gaming or unlawful game is permitted during the hire and shall secure that no undesirable person is permitted to enter, remain, or otherwise make use of SDL facilities. At the request of the Facility Manager the hirer shall remove, or cause to be removed, any person from the accommodation hired. The hirer must provide, at their own expense, stewards, SIA registered security and/or first aid provision of such numbers as is necessary for the proper conduct of the hire. No staff will be provided by SDL except by special arrangement.

The hirer will be liable for and must make arrangements for the payment of any royalties chargeable or payable in respect of the hire.

a) The hirer shall indemnify SDL against all claims, demands, actions and proceedings in respect of any infringement of copyright or as a result of any
unauthorised performance or by use of record apparatus or contrivance at any SDL facility.
b) In the event of the hire using any gramophone records, CDs, tape recordings or other equipment at the hire, the hirer shall be responsible for the payment of any fees which may thereby become due to Phonographic Performances Ltd or the Performing Rights Society Ltd, or any other person, and shall indemnify SDL and it’s servants against any claim or liability arising therefrom.

a) Arrangements with regard to catering must be made with the Facility Manager as far in advance of the event as possible and final arrangements must be made at least 7 days before the event.
b) No hirer may sell or allow to be sold on the premises any refreshment, tobacco or goods of any description without prior agreement with the Facility Manager.

No alcohol or illegal substances are to be distributed or consumed on the premises. Any persons deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused entry to the premises.

No smoking or vaping is allowed anywhere on the premises.

No alterations or additions shall be made by the hirer to the lighting, heating, seating, gangways, fittings, fixtures or other arrangement in the facility. Nor shall
they provide any such fittings, decorations, flags, emblems or posters without the consent of SDL. No electrical wiring or electrical equipment or apparatus
of any kind shall be placed in the building without the prior consent of the Facility Manager. The hirer must not bring into the premises any furniture, fittings or temporary erections, except with the permission of the Facility Manager and no nails, screws, blu tack, sellotape or similar fastenings will be permitted to be fixed to any part of the building. Where the use of portable appliances is agreed, all appliances must be PAT tested with current, valid certification.

The hirer shall ensure that the premises are cleared of members of the public and left in a tidy and orderly condition at the end of the period of hire. SDL
reserves the right to apply retrospective charges in the event that the facility is not left in good order at the end of the hire period.

SDL will not be responsible for safe storage or for the loss or damage of any goods left in changing rooms or lockers at the facility.

The hirer must not transmit or broadcast, or permit to be transmitted or broadcast by telephone, wireless, video or any means, any hire without the prior consent of the Facility Manager. If arrangements are made for relaying or televising any functions, the consent of the Facility Manager must first be obtained.

In all cases where the Facility Manager considers it to be necessary to fix a limit to the number of persons to be admitted, the hirer must not admit a greater
number of persons than specified.

The hirer must not allow the reproduction either audibly or visibly, or permit audible or visible reproduction of any hire, except with the prior consent of the Facility Manager.

SDL has a policy regarding photography which is available on request. The hirer should ensure adherence to this policy.

All poster and flyers advertising hires in an SDL facility must be of a good standard and be approved by the Facility Manager.

The hirer shall observe and comply with the obligations and requirements of the Children and Young Persons Act at the time in force as to safety and employment of young children at entertainments, as far as the same may be applicable.

Under no circumstances must any fire exit doors and gangways be impeded or blocked by chairs, tables or any other equipment.

No dogs or other animals shall be brought into the facility other than assistance dogs with the permission of the Facility Manager.

The event for which any part of the facility is hired shall commence and end at such time as may have been agreed upon by both the hirer and the Facility
Manager, which time shall be stated in the booking confirmation.

Upon any breach of the foregoing regulations or conditions by the hirer (as to which the decision of the Facility Manager shall be final) the Facility Manager
may terminate the hiring forthwith both as to the occasion of the said breach and to any future bookings, and even if the period of hiring has not expired the hirer shall be liable to pay SDL the full amount under the foregoing regulations and conditions.

The booking/hire going ahead is subject to any outstanding invoices being paid.