Intensive Swimming Lessons

Wadurs Swimming Pool

Next Course: May 2022

Aquaschool run weekly Intensive courses during the School Holidays, with the exception of the Christmas Holiday. These are 5 day courses, with one lesson per day – lessons are approx. 20-25 minutes long, in a 30 minute time-slot.

These sessions are taught by our highly qualified instructors and we normally run Stage 1 and Stage 2 lessons. During the summer holidays we occasionally run Stage 3 lessons, a Breaststroke clinic and a Stage 1 Beginner lesson for older children, age 8+.

The beginner class for the older children, still follows the same criteria but it is in slightly deeper water and helps older children who may lack confidence in the water.

Intensive holiday sessions are bookable online or direct with Wadurs Receptions and are usually available to book 5 – 6 weeks in advance of each course. They are booked on a first come first serve basis and are open to member and non-members.

For any further information regarding Aquaschool Swimming Lessons please contact the Aquaschool Administration Team at:

Wadurs Swimming Pool either by email or telephone 01903 905050 – option 3 and then option 3 again.

Our Aquaschool Intensive Swimming class descriptions are shown below:

Stage 1:

Suitability: For children aged 4+ who are in School and cannot swim without buoyancy aids. Water Depth 0.85 metres.

Aim: To learn to travel a minimum distance of 5m on front and back, with correct kicking action for Front Crawl and Back Stroke. Building on water confidence, such as Submerging, Floating and Jumping in.

Stage 2:

Suitability: For school aged Children who can jump in unaided, submerge completely and travel at least 5 metres on front and back with correct kicking action for Front Crawl and Backstroke. Water Depth 0.85 metres.

Aim: To introduce arms for Front Crawl and Backstroke and learn to swim a minimum distance of 10 metres Front Crawl, with basic side breathing and 10 metres Backstroke. Breaststroke and Dolphin leg kick are also introduced.

Stage 3

Suitability: For school aged children who can jump in unaided, submerge completely and swim at least 10 metres Front Crawl (with basic side-breathing), Backstroke and basic Breaststroke. Water Depth 1.2metres.

Aim: To continue to improve on overall swimming technique and stamina for Front Crawl, Backstroke and Breaststroke. Butterfly and basic water survival techniques and skills will also be introduced.

Breaststroke Clinic

Suitability: For children who are probably stage 3 or Stage 4 who are looking to improve their Breastroke technique in order to help them progress with their swimming and to complete their current stage

Aim: To continue to improve on Breast Stroke Technique, working on the leg kick, arm pull and overall timing of the stroke. Other skills and contrating activities will be included.

Stage 1:
(Beginners/Non-Swimmers for 8+ year olds)

Suitability: For children aged 8+ who cannot swim without buoyancy aids. Water Depth 1.2 metres.

Aim: To learn to swim a minimum distance of 10m on front and back, with technique for Front Crawl and Back Stroke. Building on water confidence, such as Submerging, Floating and Jumping in. Introduction to Breaststroke and Butterfly also. After completion of this stage, older children should automatically progress to Stage 3.


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Covid Specific Information for holiday programme bookings


Covid Specific Information for Holiday Programme bookings

The following applies to all centres and may be subject to change if the official guidance on operating junior activities during the pandemic changes.

Attendance on the day is subject to your child being virus-free, as far as it is practicable to be sure.

Do not bring your child if they:

  • Show any symptoms of COVID-19 on the day (high temperature, new persistent cough, loss of taste or smell)
  • Show any symptoms within 7 days prior to attending.
  • Are living with an individual who has shown symptoms within 14 days before the date of their attendance (they and you should be self-isolating as per government guidelines)
  • Children who turn up with a cough – or who are accompanied by an adult or sibling with a cough – or who are otherwise obviously unwell will not be accepted into the building by the Duty Manager. Regretfully no refund/ credit will be applied under these circumstances.

Please be responsible when making a decision about bringing your child. Our staff are required to self-isolate at the first sign of any symptoms, so if you send a poorly child – even if you are convinced that they do not have COVID-19, it can impact upon our ability to run the programme – we really don’t want to have to cancel subsequent sessions because all our staff have been forced to self-isolate. In accordance with the Government guidelines, we will arrange the children in “bubbles” with a maximum size of 17. This number may increase if any easing of restrictions allows us to do so. Generally, this will be in the age groups 5-7 and 8-12.

We will also try to make use of the “outdoor” space available – hardcourts and grass so do please ensure the children have a suitable extra layer of clothing available if necessary.

Where the sessions are advertised as for the 5-12’s the 2 age groups will use the equipment at different times and the equipment will be sanitised between use by each group.

Always tricky with younger children, but we will be reminding them about social distancing during their session and we will be encouraging children to avoid contact with each other wherever possible.

Regular hand washing and use of hand sanitisers will take place throughout the day. Touch points and equipment around the setting will be sanitised during the day.

Information on who has attended, in which group and with which instructor will be securely retained for a minimum of 21 days. It all seems a lot to take in, but the vast majority of the children will already be very used to much of this from being back at school.

Additional Information

Additional important information

Although every effort is made to ensure the advertised activities take place, the management reserves the right to cancel at any time and, where possible, offer a suitable alternative.

Please remember to provide a packed lunch if your child is staying all day. Please do not bring in any nuts as a snack or as part of a packed lunch.

We have a selection of skates for skating sessions but do please send children with their own if they have them. Knee/elbow pads and even a cycling helmet are a good idea.

Please ensure children are brought to and collected from the Centre on time. Please phone us if you are going to be late. Children will be instructed to wait inside the building if parents are delayed.


Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for all activities, this includes:

  • Sports/casual clothing and trainers (no flip flops please).
  • Socks to be worn for ALL trampoline sessions.
  • All jewellery removed or taped.
  • Gymnastics at Lancing Manor – Leotards are optional, but please ensure suitable clothing is worn that children can move around in and ensure it is not restricting.
  • Remember an apron or old clothing for Art and Craft sessions. These use water based paints however, darker colours may stain. We can not accept responsibility for any clothing affected in this way.
  • Towels, water bottles and full change of clothes and shoes for water games.
  • High Factor Sunscreen and hats must be provided as well as appropriate outer layers for cold or wet weather.

Failure to provide the appropriate attire may result in your child not being able to
participate in activities. We cannot accept responsibility for any damaged clothing items