Introducing our InBody machines

try inbody today in 4 of our gyms

We are very excited to announce that inbody 270 machines are in 4 of our gyms, use them today or ask a fitness advisor for more.

Splashpoint Leisure Centre
Worthing Leisure Centre
Lancing Leisure Centre
Southwick leisure centre

How to use InBody 270 in our Gyms

Here’s a quick guide on how to use the InBody machines, make sure to download the InBody App before you start your measurement and read on about the benefits and how to interpret your results in this blog!

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Discover the Ease and Benefits of the InBody 270

For anyone invested in health and fitness, understanding your body composition is as crucial as having a well-fitting pair of trainers. Whether you’re a dedicated gym-goer, a professional athlete, or simply on a journey to better health, the InBody 270 is emerging as a game-changer in the realm of body composition analysis. 

Unparalleled Accuracy at Your Fingertips 

The most impressive benefit of the InBody 270 is its unrivalled accuracy. Getting detailed insights into your weight is one thing, but understanding where that weight comes from – whether it’s muscle, fat, or water – is another level of intelligence altogether. The InBody 270 doesn’t just tell you your weight; it offers a full report that separates your body into different components, essential for creating tailored fitness goals and health interventions. 


Ease of Use and Convenience 

The InBody 270 prides itself on simplicity. In the bustling landscape of fitness gadgets, where complexity often overshadows function, this machine stands out. It’s designed to be user-friendly: just step on, grab the handles, and in a matter of minutes, you receive a comprehensive analysis of your body composition. For personal trainers and medical professionals alike, this ease of use translates to quick, seamless integration into health plans for clients and patients. 

A Tool for Targeted Treatment Plans 

Especially in a medical context, the InBody 270 is a potent ally. Healthcare providers can use it to glean vital information that is crucial for informed diagnosis and treatment. Couple this tech with the expertise of medical professionals, and you have a pathway to not just generalised advice, but personalized health strategies. 

Keeping Health in Check 

Regular usage of the InBody 270 allows for continuous monitoring. Weight management is a dynamic process, where the body responds and adapts to diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. By regularly tracking progress with the InBody 270, adjustments can be made in real-time, ensuring you stay on the most effective path to achieving your health goals. 


For Every Body 

A major highlight of the InBody 270 is its inclusivity. Regardless of where one might be on their fitness journey, accurate body composition data can revolutionise the approach to health and well-being. Understanding your unique body can demystify weight loss, muscle building, and maintenance puzzles. 

Download the InBody App! 

By downloading the InBody app you can access in depth results of your scan instantly, make sure to log in and set up your account before your scan.

There are several ways to interpret your InBody test results, and we recommend speaking to one of our expert fitness advisors on what these mean, however you can read more in depth about the results here… 

Download the App

Precautionary steps  

Before you embark on your InBody 270 journey, take note of these precautionary steps to maximize accuracy on the test 

  • Empty Stomach: Aim for a test on an empty stomach, allowing 2-4 hours after food intake for blood flow to normalize. 
  • Post Restroom: Avoid food intake before testing to ensure accurate weight and measurement values. 
  • Light Clothes: Wear light clothes to minimize the impact on total body weight during the test. 
  • Before Exercising: Test before exercising to avoid fluctuations caused by increased blood flow and body temperature. 
  • Before Taking a Shower: Avoid testing right after a shower, as increased body temperature can affect results. 
  • Avoid Menstrual Periods: For accurate results, refrain from testing during pre-menstrual or menstrual periods. 


In summary

the InBody 270 brings an ease of use and a level of detail to body composition analysis that can make a tangible difference in one’s health and fitness journey. Whether for personal insight, professional guidance, or medical precision, it’s a tool that translates complex data into actionable, personalised knowledge. 


So why wait? With machines now located in the gyms at Lancing Manor, Southwick, Spalshpoint and Worthing Leisure Centres, and free for you to use, discover the details of your physique, tailor your health strategy and propel towards your goals with confidence and clarity. The InBody 270 is more than just scales – it’s a window into the intricacies of your wellness. 

We would recommend you speak with a Fitness Advisor who can guide you through using the machine the first time. 

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