Podcast Joyful January #2


Joyful January #2 Podcast

The New Year can bring a mixture of feelings such as nostalgia for the year just gone and a renewed sense of hope. Along with all of this comes a myriad of marketing messages using the slogan “New Year, New You.” Trying to sell you the thing that is going to finally create the “New You” Turning hope for a fresh start into a frenzied attempt to erase anything you don’t like about yourself.

But what if we started this year differently?
We sat down with Exercise referral, Meno-fit and Weight off Instructor Jo Clarke, South Downs Leisure Marketing Expert, Hannah Goacher & Duty Manager and Personal Trainer, Ed Wain, to talk about discovering the benefits of exercise outside of the number on the scale, Diet Culture & more.

Enjoy our Podcast #2

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