My name is Paul Bailey and I am Graduate Sports Therapist. I graduated from the University of Chichester in 2019 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Sports Therapy and I am proud member of the Sports Therapy Association.

Since graduating I have gained experience in three different private injury clinics and also within a sporting environment by being the men’s 1st team physio at Worthing United FC. By gaining this experience it has given me the ability to develop as a Sports Therapist and broaden my knowledge and skill set to allow me to provide high quality treatment to my clients.

Working within football has given me the opportunity to treat and range of different sporting injuries, provide them with immediate treatment and also get them on the road to recovery with appropriate rehabilitation plans. With eventually allowing players to return to playing competitive sport.

On the other hand working in a private clinical setting has allowed me to treat a wide variety of patients who do not necessarily part take in sports but suffer from everyday life injuries including back pain and sciatica for example. Working with these patients has given me the experience to successfully treat and meet client satisfaction from our treatment sessions.

At PB Therapy we use a wide range of techniques to treat patients. This includes the applications of sports massage, deep tissue massage, manual therapy techniques, taping and the distribution of effective rehabilitation relevant to each individual person allowing clients to reach their own personal goal.

FIT4 Price:
1st session £20.99 | 2nd session £27.99 | 3rd session £31.50
Centre Member Price:
£35.00 per hour
Non Member:
£35.00 per hour

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