More than just kicking and scoring, our football sessions are designed so that each child will leave having improved a transferable skill.

For younger kids, we use football as a fun way to build co-ordination, agility and ball control, without the worries of a competitive game. Plus, every child scores a goal!

For older kids, we help them build on their skills and techniques at their own pace through a wide range of activities and exercises. Our Activity professionals will also build on transferable skills and knowledge for them to take into any other sport they enjoy

We press the importance of team communication, understanding the rules and respecting both the players and the referee. Premier Education believes that these skills are important both on and off the pitch.

Even if your child isn’t ‘football crazy’, they’ll love these active, varied sessions. And if they do love football, then this is the perfect course to hone their skills.

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Included in Junior FIT4
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Depends on length of term
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