South Downs Leisure run a one to one support programme each school holiday for children with SEN requirements aged between 5-12 receiving middle or higher rate DLA and for any 3 hour session.

For one-to-one support for a 3 hour session you will pay the applicable session cost plus an additional £5. The cost for both the morning and afternoon sessions therefore will be the standard session costs plus £10. Lunch supervision will be the standard cost only. Early birds and Twilighters are not available under this scheme. Payment to be made upon booking, once your child/young person has been accepted onto the programme.

Please note all bookings are subject to availability and bookable in advance only. Applications will be processed on receipt of a fully completed application form. South Downs Leisure reserve the right to refuse, cancel any booking at any time.

At South Downs Leisure we take the responsibility of looking after your child/young person extremely seriously and operate under a strict safety first policy. Even though we have our policies and procedures in place we cannot guarantee 100% safety each and every day. However we ensure that we do our best to minimise risk by applying the following control measures:

  • Provide full and adequate staff training
  • DBS checks
  • Adequate staff / child ratio numbers
  • Child protection policy
  • Public liability insurance
  • Health and safety management system – to include – risk assessments and service inspections
  • Suitable and sufficient operating procedures

What we ask you to provide is:

  • Full and correct information about your child/ young person
  • Usual sports/casual clothing and trainers to be worn (no jeans/flip flops)
  • Socks must be worn for all trampoline sessions
  • All jewellery must be removed or taped to prevent injury
  • Children attending craft or painting sessions should wear old clothes or bring an apron. All paints are water based but may stain clothing. We cannot accept responsibility for any item affected in this manner
  • Parent/ carers must ‘sign in’ children at registration and ‘out’ at home times
  • If you child needs medication. You will need to make necessary arranged to administer this as out holiday programme staff are not permitted to do so
  • Please be advised that our holiday programme staff will not be permitted to assist with personal care tasks. If this is a requirement then you must be available to make necessary arrangements for this.
  • Ensure your child brings lunch to the supervised lunch sessions
  • High factor sun screen and hats are highly recommended (weather dependant) as well as outer layers if the weather is cold or wet
  • Although every effort is made to ensure that all activities take place, management reserve the right to cancel/change activities at any time and if possible offer a suitable alternative
  • All bookings are non-transferrable or refundable

Upon submitting this application form you have read and understood this Parent/Carer Agreement.