Couch to 5K on Zoom

Couch to 5k on Zoom

New Couch to 5k class via Zoom

Join Sue T for a beginners guide to running 5k, hosted via Zoom.

Whether you are completely new to running or getting back to it after a hiatus, or maybe even after injury, Sue will be putting you through your paces with the aim to have you running 5k in just 4 weeks.
These classes will run from 11am to 11:45am every Saturday, starting on 14th November.
Here’s what to expect from the class, as we are sure you are wondering how this will work over Zoom:
  1. Introduction of what the course will be.
  2. 5-8 minutes warm up, including some stretching exercises indoors.
  3. 20 minutes in total of outside running – which you will obviously be doing  on your own, not in the Zoom meeting, as intervals with a walk/run /jog programme – if possible try to record your run on an exercise watch or running app such as RunKeeper on your phone so you can send it to us for progress.
  4. Return to the Zoom meeting where Sue will be waiting and Sue will go through some cool down stretches with you for around 5-8 minutes.
  5. Sue will send you away with homework (a plan for you to run at least twice per week) and during that time to record your runs and message it to the South Downs Leisure Facebook page  where Sue can track and monitor your progress and put onto Social media.
When joining in, you must be prepared for outdoor running/walking, wearing trainers and warm-ish running clothes. A water bottle is also a vital piece of kit needed.

To get involved, simply join the Zoom Meeting at 11am every Saturday, starting on 14th November:


Meeting ID: 961 5458 6497
Passcode: 158612

Enjoy the sessions, make the most of Sue’s expert help and be ready to run 5k in 4 weeks!