As a charity, South Downs Leisure invest everything we earn back into providing opportunities to promote everyone’s health and wellbeing through the provision of our sports and recreation facilities. We therefore have a responsibility to ensure that all our centres are working hard to meet the needs of our members, as well as other users.

Unfortunately, this means that sometimes when facilities are not as busy as we would like them to be or are not up to the standards we would expect, we have to review their long-term viability.

Our facilities at Worthing College Fitness Centre are in need of significant investment and with the low levels of usage, have become unsustainable. Regrettably we have therefore decided to cease offering Worthing College Fitness Centre as part of our FIT4 programme of facilities.

We would like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to the other sites operated by South Downs Leisure, in particular the recent enhancements made to the programmes at Worthing Leisure Centre, this includes our exclusive pole fitness studio and the brand-new immersive cycling studio – as well as our extensive gym facilities and a dedicated weights room.

Rest assured that the decision to move away from Worthing College is not a decision we’ve taken lightly and is in no way due to the recent merger of Worthing College and Chichester College, but instead we have chosen to focus on other developments to add value to your membership, as an example, we are looking at new initiatives such as Bungee Fitness and Antigravity Yoga as future potential offerings, and we are launching a number of virtual cycling classes in our immersive cycling studio in January 2020.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask a member of our team.

Thank you for continued support and understanding.

Best wishes

Duncan Anderson
(Chief Executive Officer)

What you need to know

When will Worthing College Fitness Centre be closing to the public

The last day that Worthing College Fitness Centre will be open as a South Downs Leisure site will be Thursday 28th November 2019. This applies to both the gym and classes.

What will happen to the classes that I attend at Worthing College

We are currently working extremely hard to create a new timetable which will incorporate as much of the class programme as possible across our other sites or provide suitable alternatives where possible. We will be rolling this timetable out via our website, app and social channels as soon as it is finalised.

We do also already offer a wide variety of classes at our other sites at similar times so be sure to have a look at the full timetable either on our app or on our website.

I mainly use the Gym at Worthing College, where should I go instead?

As a FIT4 member, you are entitled to use the gym facilities at any of our other sites.

Davison Leisure Centre is ideally located in East Worthing and has ample parking. It also has extended opening times compared to Worthing College Fitness Centre. Alternatively, you can use the gyms at Worthing Leisure Centre and Splashpoint Leisure Centre. 

What does this mean for the staff who work at Worthing College Fitness Centre?

We are working with the team to minimise the impact of this closure and reallocate them across the other South Downs Leisure Sites.

I am currently on a staff or student rate FIT4 membership, what will happen to my discounted membership?

If you are already a FIT4 member on the Worthing College rate, we will honour your current membership, including the discounted rate up until you cancel or terminate your membership with us. Students or staff who wish to sign up from 1st December 2019 will be eligible for our corporate or student membership rate of £39.95 per month.

Will there be anything new to replace Worthing College?

South Downs Leisure are always working hard to bring new facilities to our customers, and we do have some very exciting projects in the pipeline of which we will be releasing full details in due course.