Latest membership news

Latest Membership News

Latest Membership news (updated 14th July 2020)

The below will cover some of the most common questions with regards to your membership ready for welcoming our FIT4 family back to our facilities.

When will my Direct Debit start being collected again?

Direct Debits will start being collected from the 25th July. The first collection will be a reduced amount reflecting how many days of use you missed from your March direct debit before we closed. Every member will receive confirmation of this, by email explaining in more detail before the direct debit is collected.

For members who pay their fees on the 25th of the month, you will have your first direct debit a few days late on the 29th July. 

I cancelled my direct debit, can it be re-instated?

We understand that some customers have cancelled their direct debits during this time so please do not worry.  Just send us an email to advising us that you wish to remain a member, and one of our Membership Advisors will be in touch with you to re-instate your direct debit as soon as possible. Please be aware due to minimal staff this may take a few days, we will get back to everyone as soon as we possibly can.

I paid upfront for my yearly membership, will it be extended?

Absolutely, all upfront memberships will be extended for the period of closure. If your membership expired in the months we were closed these will also be extended.

I’m worried about returning, can my membership stay frozen?

We understand that some of our members may wish to remain frozen for a little while longer and we are more than happy to accommodate this under the current situation. Please contact us at

I sent in a request to cancel my membership but haven’t had a response?

Unfortunately, all of our Membership Advisors were placed on Furlough leave when the closure was announced, therefore we were unable to action any requests received after 20th March 2020. As soon as we return, we will be able to help with your concerns, so please bear with us and we will be in touch.

When will a Membership Advisor be available to speak to regarding my membership?

Some of the team will be returning to Worthing Leisure Centre on Monday 20th July and will be available on the phone and via email in the mornings. Please be patient with us as we are expecting lots of enquiries. We will endeavor to respond to everyone as quickly and as efficiently as we can.

Junior Memberships

0-12 Year Old’s

Due to childrens’ clubs and activities being on hold for the time being, we will be keeping 0-12 year old junior memberships frozen. We will be in touch with further updates as soon as possible.

13-17 Year Old’s

13-17 year old’s, with junior memberships are able to use the facilities and can book in to a gym session providing they have already had their gym induction. If you are worried about your children returning to the centres then please follow the advice above regarding freezing of memberships so that we can pause your payments until you are happy for them to return.

Family Memberships

Family memberships will be reinstated when we re-open, however if you feel you would like to freeze all, or just some of your family members then please do contact us at and we will happily arrange this for you as soon as possible.