From 19th July 2021

With the Government’s latest announcement regarding the lifting of Covid-19 safety restrictions, we wanted to highlight what this may mean for you from 19th July.

Our services will be opening up further, offering you more spaces in more activities, as numbers for sessions will be less restricted and more sessions and services return.

Parties will return to our centres, Amazon Adventure soft play at Worthing Leisure Centre will be reopening, the leisure pool water features at Splashpoint Leisure Centre will be running, all machines at the gyms in all our centres will be opened up for use (where possible). Showers and changing facilities will fully open and one-way routes around centres will cease to operate.

However, we understand that Covid-19 hasn’t just suddenly disappeared because we’ve reached 19th July, and as always, the safety, wellbeing and peace of mind of our staff and customers is paramount. We are therefore looking to keep a number of safety measures in place, at least for the short-term, such as:

Protective screens will remain sited on reception desks and café counters.

Hand sanitizer stations will remain, and we will be encouraging everyone to continue the habit of sanitizing regularly. We will also be encouraging all staff members and customers to clean any equipment after use.

Wearing masks will no longer be mandatory, but you are encouraged to continue to wear one to and from your session(s) if you feel safer doing so.

Whilst social distancing is no longer paramount, we will be encouraging everyone (staff and customers) to respect the personal space of those around us.

We will still be asking you to book in to session in advance, either online or via our app, wherever possible.

We understand that not everyone is comfortable that restrictions may be lifting, and that the threats of the virus still remain. It is essential now more than ever that we respect and consider the wishes and apprehensions of others around us and above all else, be kind to all!

Ultimately, we want to reassure everyone that we are taking sensible precautions to ease further out of restrictions, whilst allowing a return to normality where we can.

We hope you feel safe and secure around our centres, however do let us know if something is troubling you, or you experience anything that makes you not feel safe or welcome.