South Downs Leisure – Thinking Green!

Ground Source Heat Pumps at Splashpoint Leisure CentreSouth Downs Leisure are always looking at ways that we can act more sustainably to minimise our impact on the environment. We recognise that an ever-increasing demand for natural resources is putting tremendous pressure on our planet’s ecosystems. Not only is this a threat to our thriving and sustainable natural world, it is also a threat to our own future health, wellbeing and security.

Examples of current environmental works are listed below:

Ground Source Heat Pumps
The pumps at Splashpoint harness natural heat from underground sources providing environmentally conscious heating and cooling.

We have encouraged staff to default to double sided and black and white printing and use recycled paper wherever possible.

Beehives are in place at both Splashpoint Leisure Centre and Worthing Leisure Centre. Bee friendly planting and bird boxes are in situ at Field Place Manor House & Barns. In addition, we teamed up with the ‘Last Fisherman Standing’ project who painted a 25m long maritime mural by the paddling pool
showcasing local marine species