Going Green

South Downs Leisure’s environmental policy

South Downs Leisure recognises that many of its activities provide an important opportunity to protect and improve the environment in which we work and serve. The company therefore attributes a high priority to the development and use of materials, products, processes and services that seek to reduce environmental damage and waste.

  • Increasing energy efficiency in terms of energy consumed
  • Reducing our CO2 emissions
  • Investing in new technology where this meets the investment criteria
  • Considering life cycle energy costs when procuring new products
  • Purchasing energy efficient plant equipment

There are various initiatives within our centres including solar panels at Worthing Leisure Centre, LED lighting within Davison Leisure Centre and gas heating in the outbuildings within Field Place.

In addition Splashpoint Leisure Centre recycles its waste water and provides free natural energy via ground source heat pumps. These pumps provide an efficient heating and cooling system throughout the building.

We address energy efficiency within all areas of our business and take responsibility for educating staff and raising awareness of environmental issues.

If you have a particular query in regards to this area, please send an e-mail to  enquiries@southdownsleisure.co.uk