Personal Training

One-to-one Training

Whether your aim is to lose weight, improve tone and definition, or train for a sporting event; our personal trainers will enable you to reach your goal, stay motivated and see results fast.

Staying motivated and following your exercise programme is not always easy. If you are busy, stressed and don’t have time to exercise as often as you wish; our personal trainers are here to help. They will motivate and encourage you to reach your goals faster, by making your workout programme fun and easy to follow.

Our personal training packages are designed to fit the type of workout that you need:


Our Personal trainers are based at our gyms at Worthing Leisure Centre, Splashpoint Leisure Centre and the Fitness Centre at Worthing College.

Shape Up and Slim Down

Reduce body fat through an exercise programme created specifically for you. This package will help you to lose weight and boost your fitness level. Our personal trainers can also help you with nutrition plans, so you can achieve your target weight faster.

Build Muscular Size and Strength

This package is designed to help you sculpt your physique and build muscle. By increasing strength and reducing your body fat, you’ll also increase your self esteem.

Tone and Definition

Tone up specific areas of the body by working on muscle tone and definition. Your specific programme will help you reach your desired look, and our personal trainers will make sure you are having fun while exercising.

Train For An Event

Run 5k, 10k or a marathon, or train for triathlon. Whether you run to keep fit, or want to achieve peak fitness for competition running, our personal trainers can help you reach your goal and make that event!

Please click on the personal trainer links to see information on our personal trainers. Once you decide with whom you prefer to book your personal training, send us an email on and include your preferred date, time and personal trainer. To find out more, call our personal trainers at:
Telephone: 01903 905050



Prices for Personal Training Sessions:

Single session: £40.00

Course of 6 sessions: £210

Course of 10 sessions: £325.50

Course of 20 sessions: £600

Personal training for couples:
Course of 6 sessions: £360

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